About Us


VCS was founded in 1936, making us one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in the State of Oregon.  For 75 years we have had one goal when servicing our clients’ needs: to maintain a competitive edge through impeccable personal service and innovation in the ever changing field of collections.  Our CEO, Greg Hammack, has been with VCS over 35 years, and was a National Director for the American Collectors Association (ACA).  Our collection management team has over 170 years of combined collection experience.  We are currently 15 collectors strong, with a total of 30 employees.  Six of our current collectors have been with us for over 10 years, among them 3 have been with VCS for over 20 years.  Our clients range from assigning 2 million per month to 1 bad check per month.

In early 1959 we were the first collection agency, in Oregon, to become computerized.  Since then we have grown and changed our computer needs as our clients require.  In June of 1988 VCS purchased its own in-house computer system: the system is named Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS).  FACS offers many features that benefit your recovery efforts with us: generated reports (custom designed for your individual needs), full account resolution, and guaranteed contacts telephone dialing system.  VCS can accept accounts for assignment in a number of different and convenient ways: CD-ROM, original checks, assignment forms, computer printouts, or web upload to our secure website.  We have software available to translate your data files into our format, streamlining the assignment process.

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